Thursday, January 22, 2009

Well, Where to begin? We obviously have not been keeping up on the Blog, and let me apologize for that. I see that many you have been checking to see if he have updated, but we haven’t. It’s been so long that it took me awhile to find the blog website. Since the last entry in October a lot has happened. First I would think that the biggest thing that has happened was our trip to Hawaii. That was a wonderful experience. If any of you have been there, then you may know how great of an experience it is. And anyone that can find the time to go I highly recommend it. We did a lot while we were down there. We swam with the dolphins, went to a luau, we rented a car and drove around the entire Island. The drive took about 6 hours, but seeing the entire Island was an experience for sure. The week we were down was the same week of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. Unfortunately when we finally got to the North Shore to watch the professional surfers, the competition was cancelled because the waves were to big. Now, I saw the waves and they were HUGE, but I would not have expected for the wussy pros. To complain that they were to big. On another day we went to Pearl Harbor, which was really cool to see. We also went to the Dole plantation where they take you on a tour of the pineapple fields. I have never really put much thought into how pineapples are grown, and was really surprised to see them growing in a bush on a stick. I figured they grew on trees on in the ground like other fruits and veggies. The plant it grows out of is the top prickly part of another pineapple. It’s kind of hard to explain but we took many pictures. Hawaii had the best sunsets we have ever seen. We recently bought two new lap tops that are Macs, and had to figure out a way to put the pics on them since apple uses a different format than PC’s. Luckily we did find a way and would be happy to email the site with the pics on it. There are over 500 photos on the site so putting them on here would not be wise. Also if you wish to see the pics, please keep in mind that they are most of the pics we took and may not be interesting to everyone.
The election came and we were happy to see Obama win. And as I am writing this he has already been in office for three days. It will be interesting to see how he is able to handle the mess that Bush has left him.
Stacis birthday was in December. We had a nice dinner with her family and Vaughn and Natalie the day before. And we just hung out with friends on her birthday. We went to breakfast and went bowling.
I guess another big thing that happened since I last wrote was Christmas. We had dinner with Stacis family on Christmas Eve, and on Christmas Day we went with Vaughn and Natalie to Universal Studios. It was a really fun time, and shockingly really busy. We are not usually to big on the holidays but we did decide to decorate this year. Picking out the tree was the best part of that. We took titus to the different tree farms and found the perfect tree. New Years was uneventful as always. We dont usually go out or even stay up to see the ball drop.
Well, I guess that would catch anyone that was interested to read up to speed with us. We will try to write more often. I guess I would keep up with this thing a little better with we had kids or an interesting life. As for now we pretty much stay low key since it is winter and a little slower with my work. We will be going to Idaho at the beginning of February to see my Grannie, and Cousins. That will be a really fun time, and we cant wait to see everyone.


Krista said...

Glad to see you updated your blog.
I can't wait to see your picures, email me the link.
Glad you guys are doing good, I'm jealous you're going to Grannies...wish we could go.
Talk to you soon!

Brenda Scarlett said...

Finally!!! The Hawaii pics looks great, send Mike a link to the others we'd love to see them. Glad you are all having a good time, send Stacy our love.

The Desatoff Family said...

I just laughed out loud when I heard the Saved By the Bell theme song on your blog! That is awesome :) I love that show. That's so cool you guys went to Hawaii - I'll have to check out the pictures when I get a chance!